Pool Coping and Bullnoses

Da Vinci Tiles have developed concrete coping and bull-noses to make an attractive pool edging that will match the paving stones or tiles around your pool deck. Lining the inside of a pool with tiles or concrete pavers around the pool has long been regarded as the premium finish owing to its appearance and superior durability. At the end of the day, the finish of your pool is what people see when they look at your pool. Whether you are fully tiling or incorporating a waterline border, these tiles provide the most appealing finish and add value to your pool.

Concrete products have a history of holding up well besides swimming pools, but the resistance to salt attack depends on how close to the water the stone is fixed and how frequently it gets inundated. Pool aprons that remain predominantly dry will suffer least but pool coping on modern pool designs will be far more vulnerable because of their extremely close contact with the water and inundation from frequent lapping and splashing.